Introductory Word

"Ability without honor has no value"
The core activities of Xcelent are dedicated and focused on available, safe and reliable supply of electrical energy.
The use of latest IGBT and MOSFET technology permits a compact design, low noise level and ensures high reliability & efficiency.
Xcelent offers a wide choice of UPS systems with power range from 0.8 KVA to 10 KVA or even more. The smallest is the back-up UPS with an internal battery for short emergency operation. The largest is the on-line UPS with external batteries for long emergency operation.
More than fifteen years of accumulated experience in the development, design, engineering and production of UPS and home electronic systems such as TRansformers, Chargers, Stabilizers, Auxiliary Power Supply, Lift Rescue Device, ...

Recent Products

  • Pure Sine Wave UPS

    Components such as resistors, capacitors and integrated circuits are generally made by specialized contractors. Integrated circuits are generally made...